IMFS – The First Multifunctional Hydraulic Hybrid Technology

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Animated opeation IMFS-limited

Animated operation IMFS-full

The modern cars and trucks driven at the standard test procedures such as 99/100 EC, US FTP 75 and BAC cycle have overall efficiency of only 8% to 19%, depending on the given driving pattern. The rest 92 % to 81 % of the fuel energy are wasted as heat and pollutants. If interested in the details how these losses happen click here.

The Integral Multi-functional System for Motor Vehicle (IMFS) is an advanced hydraulic hybrid technology, which improves the car’s and/or truck’s efficiency by recovering of some energy losses. Thus IMFS cuts consumption and emissions up to 50% according to our computer simulations results, while improving the performance. The technology was tested also by real working prototypes.

If interested in specific figures of improvements concerning specific vehicle, you can contact us, and we are ready to run our simulators and to provide you with the results expected.

IMFS consists mostly in a revolutionary structure of connections between known components of modern vehicles and just a few additional components. IMFS features better than known (say, conventional) hydraulic hybrids, such as Hydraulic Regenerative Braking (HRB) of BoschRexroth, or the Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) of Ford, Eaton and Visteon, or the Regenerative Drive System (RDS) of Permo-Drive Technologies by integration of the hydraulic hybrid idea with the turbo-compound idea and with popular auxiliary hydraulic systems, such as Concrete Mixers, Waste Collection and Compaction Machinery, Material Handling Equipment Cranes, Hydraulic Fan Drives, Power Steering, etc.

In this way, together with the improvement of the consumption, emissions and performance by regenerative braking, IMFS obtains additional improvement by recovery of exhaust gasses energy, which normally is wasted useless. Thus, IMFS serves as power source for aforementioned working systems of the vehicle.

In addition IMFS operates as a Heavy Duty Start-Stop system, and as a reserve starter of the IC engine (e.g. at very low temperatures).

IMFS is very efficient at both urban and high way traffic, and thus the system is highly cost efficient. Being very efficient at aggressive manner of driving, IMFS is a proper race and tuning solution also.

Collaboration inquiries for Joint Development or Technology Licensing or Technology Acquisition are welcome!